Super Stock Tractors

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  • Tractors with cast-tub type frames (Oliver, Cockshutt, White) are allowed to remove the frame from the front of the transmission housing.
  • Engine and clutch housing are to remain in the original location and mounted solid as intended by the manufacturer.
  • Any alteration to the chassis shell must have the approval of the ASTTQ or NTPA technical service.
  • Tubular steel frames are allowed.
  • The principal criteria being the retention of the original stock appearance.
  • The only engines considered legal must be available in two wheel drive farm tractors.
  • The engine’s block of a given brand is to remain consistent with that brand sheetmetal.
  • The engine block can’t be modified externally from EOM configuration, except for repair or mounting fuel injection pump.
  • The maximum wheelbase is 114 inches with a maximum overall length of 13 feet from the center of the rear axle to the most forward point of the vehicle.
  • The weight of the class is 8200 lbs for diesel engine tractors, 8200 lbs for alcohol engine of 410 c.i. or less tractors, 7700 lbs for alcohol engine of more than 410 c.i. tractors.

Maximum limitations

  • Engines are limited to 2 valves per cylinder, 3 pressure stages and 4 turbochargers.
  • Diesel engines are limited to 650 c.i.
  • Alcohol engines are limited to 505 c.i.