Mini Modified Tractors

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  • Mini modified use automotive-type engine(s), with 2 valves and 1 operating spark plug per cylinder, cast iron or aluminum.
  • The vehicle’s dimensions are limited to 6 feet wide and 8 feet from the center of the rear wheels to the from of the vehicle.
  • The weight of the class is 2050 lbs.
  • The tire’s rim diameter is limited to 16.1”.

Maximum limitations

  • Maximum of 575 c.i., naturally aspirated.
  • 1 small block blown engine, maximum of 380 c.i.
  • Supercharger limited to 6-71 with 18% overdride, or 8-71 with 10% overdride.
  • Turbocharger limited to a single stage.
  • Retrofit type, high Helix or modified configurations of superchargers are not allowed.