4X4 Road Trucks

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  • Classes: 6 500 lbs, 7 500 lbs, 9 000 lbs.


  • $30 (one vehicle by driver).
  • From this amount, $20 will be given in awards and $10 will pay for the insurance.
  • Maximum of vehicles : 60.
  • Registration from 10:00 A.M. at the Truck Pull, at the secretary table.
  • Maximum of registration: 2 categories by vehicle.


  • The weighings must be securely attached to the vehicle, otherwise you are disqualified if they fall on the track of competition.
  • Any alcool drink before and during the competition is strictly prohibited under penalty of disqualification.
  • Only the driver is allowed in his vehicle during the competition.
  • No additives or accelerating product will be allowed.
  • Valid Registration document and valid insurance (with proof of evidence available on site).
  • Horizontal Hitch, maximum height of 24 inches.
  • Oval hole of 3 inches wide X 3.75 inches long.