4X4 Modified Trucks

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  • The vehicles in this class must have 4 wheel drive and weight a maximum of 6200 lbs.
  • The vehicle must have a hood, grill and fenders in place as intended by the manufacturer.
  • The body style must be or have been available from a dealer as a mass produced vehicle and it must maintain the original appearance.
  • The frame may be different than the make and model of the body. Tubular steel frames are allowed.
  • The maximum tire size is 112” circumference on a 18” rim, inflated to 30 PSI.

Maximum limitations

  • 1 automotive-type engine with a maximum of 8 cylinders and 650 c.i.
  • Naturally aspirated only.
  • 2 valves and 1 operating spark-plug per cylinder.
  • No diesel engines allowed.
  • Legal fuels are gasoline and alcohol.