A little historyon theASTTQ

Since 1970

Tractor pulling competitions first appeared in Quebec in 1970, at the St-Hyacinthe agricultural fair. In 1975, the fair board signed a contract with the Ontario Tractor Pulling Association to hold the first modified tractors pull. Because many events were organized throughout Quebec and rules differed from one place to another, a group of amateurs got together and established the basis of what is now the ASTTQ in the fall of 1978. In December 1978, the ASTTQ became the only structured organization of tractor pulling in Quebec.

Primary goals

The primary goals of the ASTTQ were to lay out a set of rules that would make the competitions fair and safe for everybody. We then went on to build a sled that would be adapted for modified vehicles, which were becoming more and more popular. To determine the season's champion from each category, a circuit was established along with a point system.

From farm tractors
to semi trucks

In its first year of operation, the ASTTQ sponsored 16 competitions throughout Quebec. Although the majority of pulling vehicles consisted of farm tractors and street 4X4's, there were also a few modified tractors. Today, the original stock tractors classes have been replaced with classes with a bit more action... The modified 4X4 trucks appeared in 1981, the pro stock then super stock class in 1982, the modified minis in 1985, the two wheel drive trucks in 1991, and finally the semi trucks in 1999.